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How Nanny Cams and Tracking Devices Can Benefit Your Side of the Divorce Proceedings


Often in divorce proceedings, parents are concerned about the care of their children. They know it may not be in their child’s best interest to spend time with the other parent or a care giver, but they are unsure how to prove this to the court. Your soon-to-be-ex might be on his or her best behavior when there are witnesses, but turn into a monster as soon as he or she is alone with your child. This is why so-called nanny cams and tracking devices can be so helpful when it comes to building a case against your spouse.

If you are able to record interactions between your spouse and child, you will know exactly what is happening when they are alone together. Even in instances when the actual footage is not allowed in court, you will be aware of events and can call your former spouse’s ability to care for your child into question.

Where do you find nanny cams and other equipment to help you build a case against your spouse?

Nanny cams are small cameras that are sometimes disguised as basic items that might be found in a home. They were originally intended and are still used to record the interactions of babysitters or nannies with children. Parents are able to review the footage of caretakers with their children to ensure things are going well and that no abuse or neglect is occurring.

Nanny cams are fairly easy to purchase and can be found in a number of stores that sell technological equipment, including Best Buy. The selection at Best Buy includes baby monitor cameras that might also be used to monitor a baby sleeping or spending time alone in his or her nursery.

If you want a more covert camera, and most people do when using it to monitor the behavior of a spouse, you will find more choice when shopping online. There are several online retailers that sell small wireless cameras (better for hiding). Many cameras are marketed for home security purposes and offer reliable image and sound recording for a reasonable price.

You might want to invest in more than one camera so you are able to set up surveillance in multiple rooms. There are several forums online that offer reviews regarding specific camera brands, so you can determine which camera offers the best value for what you need.

Understanding the Law

Before determining whether or not to videotape your spouse with your child, make sure you understand the surveillance laws in your area. It might be illegal to record interactions that take place in private or you might only be able to record with a device in plain sight. If you are concerned about your child’s well-being and you want to record your spouse with your child, discuss your plans with your attorney before investing in equipment.

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