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Analyzing Your Income and Business Assets

In divorces involving high income or business assets, valuing the many complex items included in equitable distribution is no easy task. Our legal staff works with a team of dedicated financial and real estate professionals to value marital assets.

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Valuing Complex Marital Assets

We can assist you correctly valuing all significant property in a high asset divorce including:

  • Real property — jointly purchased homes or land
  • Personal property — jointly purchased furniture, jewelry, art, vehicles, home furnishings and other tangible items of value
  • Professional licenses — the marital license was obtained during the marriage and thus can be considered marital property subject to equitable distribution
  • Retirement plans and pensions — 401(k)s, IRAs and other complex retirement funds or benefits

Valuing Business Assets

Business assets can be the most difficult to value during a high asset divorce. We carefully analyze every element of your businesses, leaving no stone unturned. We have experience valuing business assets in many different areas, including service industries. Business assets include tangible and intangible property, such as real property, stocks and bonds, earnings, investments and intellectual property.

For assistance valuing your complex marital or business assets, contact a lawyer who has extensive experience with the financial aspects divorce in Nassau County. Call Anthony J. LoPresti, Attorney at Law at (516) 252-0223 or contact us online.